Liam and Cheryl just revealed something so important about how they’re going to raise their baby

There’s nothing worse than spoilt children

Cheryl has been pregnant forever. It’s a fact.

Poor old thing. Her uterus deserves a well-earned rest.

Dave Benett

There may still be a good few weeks to go before Cheryl gives birth, but Chiam have already decided how they’re going to being raising their baby.

Obviously, the picture perfect pair are absolutely minted – that is, they’re rolling in it (to the tune of £50 million pounds to be precise), but they’re determined that their child won’t be a spoilt brat.

Liam wants to go on a date with you and the fandom are freaking out!

WTF! Does this prove that Chiam are expecting twins?

Both Liam and Cheryl come from humble backgrounds and have strong opinions on the subject. Cheryl grew up on a council estate in Newcastle and previously described her childhood as “very, very tough”, but acknowledged that it was key in making her the person who she is today:

“I’m glad I wasn’t brought up in a privileged situation, because you see some kids and all they’ve known is expensive clothes and getting all the latest models of this and that, and that’s not experiencing life.” (Extract from ‘Dreams That Glitter’)

The pair are from humble upbringings and will definitely be teaching their child to be grateful. Cheryl also added:

“I’ll definitely let my kids know that life’s not a bowl of cherries and yes, you might have wonderful things, but believe me, you’ve got to appreciate them. There’s no way (our child) will get everything they want.” (The Sun)

Liam’s family also struggled with money when he was a child, but the 1D babe now has a collection of watches he bought after milestone events. He says he would like to pass these down to his children:

“I’ll be able to give the watches to them and explain the story behind each one.”

Do you agree with Chiam‘s parenting style? How would you raise your child? Let us know using the comments box below.

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