Lauren Jauregui’s dedicated chickens have created the most adorable fan project EVER!

This will truly touch your heart

If there’s one person who deserves all the happiness in the world on Valentine’s Day – it’s Lauren Jauregui.

We couldn’t stand the thought of not celebrating our queen on this special day so we planned ahead… yeah we do that sometimes.

We got together with the biggest Lauren Jauregui fan accounts in the world to create a fan project to end aaaaaaall fan projects.

We became Lauren’s Chickentines!

QUIZ: Are you more Camila Cabello or Lauren Jauregui based on your pop music preferences? 

“America’s so beautiful in theory” – Lauren Jauregui is worried for our freedom of speech, and with good reason

The project was simple. Basically, we asked Lauren fans all around the world to send in special messages for their idol and upload it to the fan projects page here.

The project was a huge success and saw hundreds of global chickens unite in a way which would make Lauren proud. Watch the final video here.

Watch out for similar projects like this on the Fan Projects website.

What did you think of the Be My Chickentine project? Let us know in the comments below.

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