Did you know there’s a Lauren Jauregui meme for every occasion?

MP! recently made an online friend! Yeah, we do that too. ‘Cos we be so relatable…


Let us introduce you to our new friends at RelatableLMJ, Lauren Jauregui’s sassiest fan account. Their on point GIFs and memes combined with their signature dark humour is right up our alley and has us in stitches on the reg.

Just check out some of these relatable memes. You’ll be dreaming in Jauregui before you know it.

  1. *Sips the tea*

See no evil.

2. We’ve got 94 problems but Jauregui ain’t one.

We need to get our seven hours of stalking in a day.

3. Everyone has a friend like this

How can they not understand? Their lives must be so empty.

4. The temptation is real

We couldn’t resist.

5. Shady teachers can go home

jaihfoajfl;WNF’Lnf. That’s the answer right there.

6. Lauren Jauregui, Queen of the photobomb.

7. Literally happens to us every day!


8. Imma let you finish…

Ah, so rudeness is in for 2017, is it?

9. We all done it.

MWAHAHAHAH! The world will be shook.

10. Can someone just obliviate our memories, please?

I only want to remember me and my dog, taverymuch.

11. Our baby will speak fluent Harmonizer

The cult of the Jaguar is born.

12. Some parents are in for the shock of their lives…

Erm, did I say you could swipe?

13. Sums up our school life nicely

Yeah we totally get it. Wow, yeah you’re blowing our mind…


14. The shade of it all

The struggle is so real rn.

15. Do we need it to fangirl?

Only Fifth Harmony can make us feel the feels.

16. But in the end all we want is to see Lauren happy.

Adopt a jaguar today and also, let us know which Lauren meme you love the most using the comments box below.

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