Lauren Jauregui explains why Fifth Harmony isn’t just a girlband, it’s a feminist movement

If you’re feeling her, put your fives high

You know those annoying friends you have? The ones who roll their eyes whenever you mention Fifth Harmony. The ones who stare blankly when you casually drop “Laurinah” into a conversation? We can tell by your pained expression that you know exactly who we’re talking about.

Well, obviously these weirdos are living sad, unfierce lives, but it’s actually quite hard to articulate to mere muggles why Fifth Harmony is so important. They just are. But luckily Lauren Jauregui, in her infinite wisdom, has given us the words we sorely needed to describe why 5H are a vital force of nature who should be respected for their impact on the world:

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Here’s what Lauren had to say about what the significance of Fifth Harmony to the feminist movement:

“Some of our songs are empowering, but I feel like more so than our music, it’s who we are. We’re four women who are completely different ethnicities, completely different body types, completely different walks of life and opinions, and you can see that when you watch an interview, when you meet us.

We have an energy about us that’s so unique and so intense, and it’s because of how much power we have in us as individuals, being confident, harnessing that power, and wanting to share that with other women. I feel like a lot of women hang on to our message, and it empowers them.”(Interview quote from Nylon)”

Trust Lauren to be able to describe eloquently what we’re all feeling. How do Fifth Harmony make you feel? Do you think that they are more than just a girlband? Let us know using the comments box below.

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