These Little Monster reactions to Lady GaGa headlining the ‘Super Bowl’ are hilarious AF

This just in… nah that’s too cliched. But this news is about as fresh as it gets. Lady GaGa has reportedly been confirmed as the performer at the ‘Super Bowl 2017’. It’s one of the most coveted gigs reserved for only the biggest names in pop. Past performers have included Katy Perry, Beyonce and Madonna.

‘US Weekly’ were famously the first to suggest Katy Perry would headline the half-time show and now they have confirmed GaGa will be filling those massive shoes (we’re sure Katy has normal size feet, but you get what we mean) on February 5, 2017 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Little Monsters have gone crazy at the news. Just have a look at some of these reactions:

GaGa has the power to convert even the most stubborn of football haters.

The coming of GaGa was foretold in the Bible.

Fans have even been sending Mother Monster some suggestions. Take heed ’cause these ideas ain’t half bad.

What a year it’s been for GaGa and there’s so much more in store.

GaGa is well and truly back. How excited are you to see Lady G perform at the ‘Super Bowl’? Got any suggestions for the performance like the guys above? Tweet us them @MaximumPop.

Find out all the details about the ‘Perfect Illusion’ video premiere right here.


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