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You’ll scream when you hear which TV show Lady GaGa has teamed up with for her music vid premiere

Could this be the best comeback of all time? Lady GaGa sure left us waiting a long time for her latest single ‘Perfect Illusion’ but she’s certainly rewarding us for our patience now.

Not only is ‘Perfect Illusion’ a showstopping, back-of-the-net, swing and hit, undeniable BANGER, but she’s putting in all the promo time to go with it, which means plenty of love for her Little Monsters i.e. US!


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The GaGanator took to Twitter to announce the premiere of the video for ‘Perfect Illusion’.

YES THAT’S RIGHT! ‘Scream Queens’ and Lady GaGa have joined forces. Will this be the campest night in history? Yes. Yes it will be.

Is this a yas queen moment? Lady G certainly thinks so.

And so do we! HELL YES! We’re screaming, are you screaming? You should be! Tweet us your screams @MaximumPop.

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