Phantom of the Opera gets feminist af in A.G. Howard’s ‘Roseblood’ and it is giving us life!

We’re not always this judgmental but we can be pretty serious about our book covers. Shallow? Heck no. We’ll still read what’s on the inside, but always nice to have something BEAUTIFUL to behold on the outside.


What about A. G. Howard’s newest offering? A ‘Phantom of the Opera’ inspired retelling? Aw yeeeah. We think ‘RoseBlood’ looks every bit as exciting as we were hoping for. But what do YOU think?

1. Yes, yes and yes:

2. “Gothic” is the buzzword and we LOVE it.

3. There it is again. And yes, gawd, we’re willing to live this Gothic fantasy. Over and over.

Thinking about it… It would make one HECK of a Snapchat filter, right?

4. Ooh, definitely!

There is something really mysterious about it, right? Soft and sharp at the same time!


6. And spellbinding.

7. 100% haunting!

Are you as struck by it as we are? Then don’t forget to pre-order your copy! And then tell us how you rate the cover in the comments belooooow.

What do you think?

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