Jesy Nelson’s gorgeous Insta selfie was just ruined by the weirdest thing

But she did get a quote for a new carpet so it’s not at total loss

Jesy Nelson rang in the changes this year in some serious style. For New Year Mixers were treated to a fabulous Instagram snap of the singer looking more beautiful than ever (we didn’t know she could get more fabulous!).

Little Mix are currently celebrating the top ten success of their latest single ‘Touch’ and their album ‘Glory Days’ returning to No.1 in the UK so this selfie was to be a victory lap, a reminder that Little Mix do indeed rule the world. Jesy has previously suffered with body confidence issues so it is great to see her so willing to show off her body which, after all, is absolutely, positively flawless. And oh the countouring… Don’t get us started on the contouring!


When you take a selfie like that there is nothing for it but to post it on socials. That outfit! That hair! That body! DAMN! There was no dispute that Jesy herself couldn’t have looked more smoking even if she was sat on a barbeque and tbh everyone seems to agree in the comments:

  • margaretrhughes: You look stunning happy new year to you and your family
  • peachgummies WOAH HOT MAMA
  • keira.meredith: MAMA LOOK AT THEM ABS
  • perrieedwards: Stop
  • perrieedwards: Just stop.

Oh hey Perrie. Didn’t see you there.

But what people did notice is that there was something mighty odd about the selfie…It seems that the interior designing kinda doesn’t live up to Jesy’s flawlessness.

  • krazytitch2015: Think you need to decorate :/
  • paulcoops1984: “NYE in a crack den.
  • ciarancampbell1: Why dress up fancy when yer gon tae a dive like that ?
  • bran_w00ds: Where’s your Wallpaper, or even paint loool
  • dannyhuskins83: 2017 = decorating my lovely
  • martinhay1987: You need cowboy builders in yer hoose hen gee Dom littlewood a bell

But some people were more sympathetic with Jesy’s plight…

  • crazyaussie95: No offence but don’t you think the whole wallpaper/decorator thing is getting a bit boring? A guy like myself at Jesy’s age find it difficult to afford wallpaper and floorboards but I make it nice and homely like in this pic here!

Thanks for that insight into your life crazyaussie95…

But things truly started to descend into madness when the tradesmen saw their chance to get a bit of work…

  • carpetrunnersuk: We see a lot of people commenting about the lack of interior design…. 1) we think it’s a fab photo 2) if you want hooking up we’ll send you a free carpet….. Keep up the good work Jesy
  • toms_plastering: Need a Plastering quote ?
  • larkinteriors: We can interior design the room for you. We are award winning based in Hertfordshire

Erm.. can we get a free carpet please thanks very kind sir?

Let us know what you think of Jesy’s selfie and the decor using the comments box below.

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