9 Insta stars who are totally twinning with Jessie Jefferson

Jessie Jefferson fell quickly into the midst of the fashionable set after she moved to LA to properly get to know her dad, rockstar Johnny Jefferson. With model and actress friends, her dad’s credit card and, hello, LA, Jessie is a whole new girl.


An these Insta stars could be Jessie’s style twin.

Cute, edgy and rocking that leather jacket, Jessie style. It’s all part of the rockstar lifestyle.

Converse are essential for everyone. Especially if you’re the daughter of a rockstar and the lead singer of your very own band!

It’s all about that LA life. 

The perfect dress for that surprise summer garden party. 

If you’re heading into a new school for the first time – one full of LA’s elite – you’ve gotta be yourself, and super fashionable. 

Cuteness strikes again. Heading out for lunch with your actress friends? You’ve got to look the part. 

That first proper date with your rockstar boyfriend is a big deal – mixing lace and leather is totally the right mix of sexy and tough. 

You can’t live in LA without a beach outfit that’s ready-to-go at a moments notice. 

Jumping on a plane across the Atlantic needs some comfies, but when your dad’s a rockstar and papped on every corner, you still need to look good. 

Grab ‘All About the Hype’ right here!

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