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If you can tough out this TOO CUTE quiz we’ll tell you which Disney villain you are

Who’s bad?

Basically we don’t believe you can survive how mean this quiz actually is. It isn’t easy being a villain, not even when you get your own theme park ride, or the best wardrobe. Just because you’re the badass bad guy from the best Disney film doesn’t mean you’re all puppies and springtime.

You gotta be bad to be bad. So put your evil laugh to the test and find out which antagonist truly resides in your heart.

Ursula or Scar? Cruella or Captain Hook? Each are evil in their own sassy ways. And terrible, too. Let’s not forget that. Terrible and evil… And a little bit cool. They all get their comeuppance so it’s ok to like them, right?

Would you survive the spy life? Choose your own adventure Ally Carter-style!

QUIZ: Can you recognise these Harry Potter characters from what they look like NOW?

Well, either way. Let’s see if you have what it takes to be the main malevolence in a Disney franchise. You’re going to have to make some HARD decisions.

*gulp* Which dastardly Disney villain are you then? Tell us in the comments!

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