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How much do you slay? What % assassin are you?

Bullseye, bishhhh

Have you heard the word on the street? It’s saying that you totally slay. Is this true? Shh, shh. Not too loud… Oh who are we kidding? If you slay you say it loud and proud.

Someone else who literally slays is Gwendolyn from ‘The Cruelty’, which friends, let us tell you, is the most stylish thriller you’ll read this year. The cover is enough to make you feel sleuthy just by looking at it.

But how much do you actually slay? Are you assassin level killing it, or more sass-alive on fire slaying? TIME TO FIND OUT!

Pick a cupcake and we’ll give you some shit life advice

What % filthy minded are you?

Check out this super swish book trailer to get you in a killer mood:

Is dis u? It could be! Take the test and find out if you’re the next Liam Neeson or even the next female Jason Statham. Taken and transported. Bosh. Let’s do this.

What’s the verdict? Share your results in the comments!


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