How could someone do THIS to Little Mix? We are 100% in shock!

Are these tears of joy or sorrow?

It looks like someone sold their soul to Voldemort today.

Only somebody with the ruthlessness of a Death Eater could commit a crime such as this.

Little Mix have been innocently slaying on tour with Ariana this week doing fabulous things like this…

Omaha you were serving all kinds of sass tonight 💅🏾 thank you! #dangerouswomantour

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And this…

When it just ain't happening!!

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They are literally on fire atm, and then this has come along and we have no idea what to think.

We are over.

We know we say that a lot, but we are truly, definitely, irreparably OVER this time.

And it turns out this is more than a one off offence. IT’S A CRIMEWAVE!

Jade shade! Little Mix star ends Zayn in the most hilarious way possible! 

Little Mix just had their say on the whole Liam and Cheryl situation and we’re so proud of them

Even Ariana has fallen victim to this serial murder of songs…

Not Selena as well!

Oh Fifth Harmony! We are so sorry.

In fact, there’s a whole YouTube channel dedicated to it…

We’re kind of fascinated and horrified at the same time. Erm… we might just watch a few more. What do you think of this bad lip reading – offensive or hilarious. Let us know in the comments.

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