Here’s why no-one should buy Honey G’s Christmas single

Depending on how you look at it, the Honey G saga was one of the most entertaining or most annoying parts of this year’s ‘X Factor’.

But, like her or loathe her, Honey G has also emerged as one of the biggest winners of this year’s show after bagging a record deal with Simon Cowell’s SyCo record label.

Honey G is currently filming the video for her debut single which will be out on 23rd December, not in time for the coveted Christmas No.1 slot but it’s still an important time for record sales. 


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Due to all the interest and controversy Honey stirred up during her time on ‘The X Factor’ a lot of people are tipping her single to reach number one. But that would be a travesty because there is so much good music around right now that has underperformed on the charts only for flash in the pans like Honey to thrive.

Take, for example, Shawn Mendes’ beautiful composition ‘Mercy’ which showed true soul and maturity, but only managed to reach No.15 on the UK singles chart. Or Ariana’s sassy power anthem ‘Into You, which failed to reach any higher than No.14 in the UK. How could we allow Honey G’s single to beat them?


Also, no-one should buy Honey’s single because it’s Christmas. We should only be buying festive or charity singles at this time of year (or high quality pop songs.. ahem). If you remember, last year Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ was number one the whole run up to Christmas, but he took to Twitter to announce that he would rather step aside and allow NHS’s Choir ‘A Bridge Over You’ to take the top spot.


Another more acute danger is that Honey’s release will overshadow the lovely Matt Terry’s debut single ‘When Christmas Comes Around’ whose proceeds all are going to charity.

Matt is a true talent and he is singing an original song written by Ed Sheeran. This is legit stuff.  If Honey’s high profile release manages to steal Matt’s thunder we will be fuming.

Let’s be honest, at best Honey can hope to be a Chico or Jedward. These novelty acts are always fun but they have a limited shelf-life. We’d all do better to save our hard earned dollar or streaming fingers for something which will stand the test of time.

Peace out xx


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