Running a Miley Cyrus fan account made me feel myself again

We asked popular Miley Cyrus fan account, @WeAdoreMiley, to share their experience of running a fan account. Here’s what they had to say:

Creating @WeAdoreMiley has opened several doors for me since moving to L.A. three years ago. When I first moved over I literally had zero friends here, which is the absolute worst.


There were times when I felt very lonely, so I automatically always went online to talk with these people whom I had never met. It was a level of comfort. I felt normal in a world where society made me feel so weird. All these people on social media understood me better than people I considered to be friends.

I mean, hey, we could talk about Miley and her music 24/7 without getting tired of it, which was something I LOVED doing. And we would fangirl over things that people at school could never understand. I felt like me in this world.


While I was meeting all these people, I was constantly receiving emails. Okay, well, maybe two a week, but that excited me, because they were always super cool and seemed important. Many companies including Dick Clark Productions emailed me to work with them on advertisement campaigns.


They invited me to award shows where I sat front row with two other big fan accounts (Bieber fan accounts). Those Bieber fan accounts are now my best friends. We started going to award shows together, then got hired for a few television shows to do social media work, then to becoming BFFS. It has been quite a wild ride, with unexpected turns, but living spontaneous is exactly how I want to live my life.

If you want to share your story of running a fan account leave a comment using the box below.

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