Harry Styles’ AnOther Man issue has arrived and Twitter can’t deal

If you’re not sat down and hydrated, then you 100% need to be, because THE HARRY STYLES ANOTHER MAN PHOTOS ARE HERE AND MY GOD THEY ARE DREAMY. *screams relentlessly for a good five minutes*

Now we’ve got that out of our system (sort of), we  can begin.

If you’re a true Harry fan, you’ll probably already know that photos from his AnOther Man issue have been released, and they are TO DIE FOR.

The issue is available with three separate covers – each featuring a photo of Harry with a different dreamy-ass haircut:

AnOther Man’s autumn/winter issue also features a detailed interview with Mr. Styles, where he says some pretty cute stuff about the band, and just about life in general


And if you thought we were excited, just wait until you see what’s been going down on Twitter today. Seriously, all of the Harry love we’ve seen today has got us *seriously* emotional.

Some have already got a ten-year lifetime plan in place:

Then there’s the peeps who are being distracted from EVERYTHING:

And those who think they’ve quite literally died and gone to heaven:

Not to mention the fans who’ll never even consider looking at another model again:

Let’s not forget THE CHOKER (which belongs to him, btw):

But mainly, people just don’t quite know how to deal:

And of course, Harry’s got us all feeling SUPER proud and blessed:

And as if the whole thing couldn’t get ANY better, Harry dedicated the whole thing to his friend Matt Irwin, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Oh Harry, could you be any more perfect?

The issue has already sold out online, but if you want to get your hands on a copy (which, no doubt you do), it will be released in news stands tomorrow.

What’s your favourite Harry look from the issue? Leave a comment below and get involved!

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