We face-swapped Harriet with Ariana, Selena and our other faves – and the result was sort of horrifying

Face swap is probably one of the best things that Snapchat has ever given us. Endless fun as you swap faces with your dad, your cat, your dog…


But what happens when we try and face swap one of our fave book characters with our fave popstars? Welp, that’s exactly what we did with Harriet Manners from Holly Smale’s ‘Head Over Heels’. And uh, the results are HORRIFYING!1. Oh, ok. So this is Ariana’s new look…


The terrified eyes and the double-trouble mouth are SO IN this season.

2. Selena Gomez… No. 1 geek! Don’t get that tattooed to your forehead.


3. Tay-tay? Is that you?


4. Miley is a pretty “out there” celeb. So she’d probably rock this look out.


5. Demi Lovato. Honestly! It is!


6. Actually… Not the most horrendous in this line-up! And gotta love that t-shirt. Harriet would slay it. #choices


7. Not even Beiber escaped the ‘Geek Girl’ treatment.


8. Zoella?! Those glasses look fly! But she obvs takes better snaps on her own Snapchat.


Which do you think is the most terrifying? Tell us @maximumpopbooks!

Psst. You can legit see Holly Smale at some events this year. Where? When? Click to see where the bookish magic is happening.

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