14 moments from Fifth Harmony’s UK tour which will have you screaming “THAT’S MY GIRL!”

It’s was a beautiful night for some serious slayage.


No, not that type of slayage. The fabulous Fifth Harmony kind, and London was seriously unprepared. It literally looked like Ally was just as excited for the show as we were.

Here’s all the best bits which will have you gagging for more 5H goodness:

1. The bae that is Aleem!

The fit AF support act who also took over our Snapchat. Add us ‘maximumpop’ and have a look.

“When he extra…”. Not just a pretty face, eh?

2. Camryn!

She rocked the hell out of the O2 as well.

3. And suddenly it was 5H’s time to impress

We’re fans of the fans

4. Camila going for it proper and hard

Lauren has just declared war on Donald Trump in the best way possible


5. Mani’s dancing. BO$$!

Always a highlight.

6. This unreal segue


Vote for Mani, DJ and Lauren in the MP! Style Recap


8. But so is Laurinah

You’ll never guess what Spanish Harmonizers have done to honour Lauren Jauregui!


9. This understated moment of beauty

10. 5H proving the haters dead wrong

11. The staaaaaaars

Oh did we mention Sam Smith, Rose and Rosie and Lucy and Lydia were there.

12. As well as what looks like most of this year’s ‘X Factor’ top 12

13. But in the end it was all about the harmony

14. And the girls loved it as much as we did

Love you more, baes. See you next time. Tweet us your favourite moment @maximumpop.

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