12 GIFs from Fifth Harmony’s ‘That’s My Girl’ video which will blow your freakin’ head off

PUT YOUR FIVE HIGH! The long-awaited video for Fifth Harmony‘s stomping anthem ‘That’s My Girl’ has finally dropped and it’s even more glorious than we could have imagined! So many moments of this video just make us want to scream YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! Here’s some of our faves:

1. Salute to the queens!

2. We will attempt to walk like this for the rest of our days

Popping out to the shops? Boom, sassy walk time.

3. Did Lauren just get possessed by a ghost and turn into Normani?

4. Could this be the best three seconds in cinematic history?

5. Mila Mila Mila!

Did you know Camila can create lightning? She is Thor.

Yet she is still the same dork we’ve all come to love.


6. Dinah Jane is the queen of the sassy backwalk

We would have bumped into a stool by now.

7. Camren!

8. Normani leading the war cry

And also making our lives just generally better with this…

9. Lauren giving the camera a cheeky little shove


11. Ally’s final look at the camera

12. 5H proving their unity despite all the haters

Which is your fave GIF. Tweet us it at @MaximumPop! Watch the full video here.

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