We asked 514 Harmonizers about the future of the band and you won’t believe what they said

We’re all harmonizers here. We all love Fifth Harmony and want to see them stay together and make beautiful music together forever. They are all worth it after all.


But we wanted to have a deep chat with you guys about your feelings and give you the chance to give your opinions on some questions which a bunch of people have been asking.

We got a massive response from this one and the answers were quite mixed, which justified the need for this poll. We Harmonizers are confused.

So then we decided to delve even further into the Harmonizer physique and discover what they thought about individual members.

Looks like a lot of people support either Lauren or Camila, but the overwhelming majority just don’t want them to break up full spot. WHICH MAKES US SO HAPPY!

Lastly, just because, we wanted to find out your fave 5H song.

And it’s conclusive. Work From Home is THE JAM!

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You can also find all of Fifth Harmony and the individual members’ usernames in our Snapchat Directory, as well as thousands of other stars.

What do you think?

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