FETUS BIEBS IS BACK! People are shocked at Justin Bieber’s latest style transformation

‘Baby’ is back!

Let’s rip the band aid off….

It’s been 7 years since Justin Bieber released ‘Baby’.


Our thoughts exactly.

We are actually having a breakdown right now (not a fun dance breakdown, one where we despair at our oldness).

Could it really have been a whole seven years since this absolute effing classic graced our lives with it’s presence? We’re finding it hard to believe.

But what is even weirder is that Justin himself seems to be paying homage to ‘Baby’ by channelling his fetus self. Bloomin’ ‘eck, this is trippy!

2017 has given us a brand new Bieber and he’s gone GANGSTA!?

Justin Bieber has just revealed news that will break the heart of every Belieber

Perhaps we could deal with that but fashion-forward is also trying to mess with our heads by wearing heels and skinny jeans. Mate, what happened to your baggy pants and hoodies?

OMG he looks so cute!

We love Justin’s new style. It’s totally giving us a trip down memory lane and that is never a bad thing. Let us know what you think of it using the comments box below.

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