FACE OFF: Who has the most dedicated fandom – Fifth Harmony or 5SOS?

Legit, 5SOS and 5H have some of the best fandoms around. It seems like their followers would move heaven and earth for their faves.



But we wanted to test out just how dedicated Harmonizers and 5SOS fam are. You’ll have to go all out on this one guys because this is war! Vote for your fandom in the poll below.

You can find 5SOS and 5H‘s Snapchat usernames in our Snapchat Directory, as well as thousands more.

Vote for 5SOS or 5H in this week’s MP! Top Ten poll


Vote for who you would like to host ‘Saturday Night Live’ – 5SOS, Shawn or Little Mix?


I tried to get a date on Tinder using only Little Mix and One Direction lyrics


What do you think?

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