FACE OFF: The Results. Which member of Fifth Harmony’s style do you want to steal – Lauren or Camila?

On Monday we asked you to choose which member of Fifth Harmony’s style you would most like to steal – Camila or Lauren‘s?

We didn’t make it easy for you, just look at these beauties.



Very different wardrobes that suit their individual beauty, but whose shoes do you see yourself in… literally?

The results are in…


It was pretty tight throughout the week but Camila managed to inch ahead at the last minute. Send your congrats to Camila by tweeting us @maximumpop with Mila in the tweet, chanks luv.

We also recommend you check out this post about the #MixersEndedHarmonizersParty:

Here’s why Harmonizers and Mixers should stop roasting each other and learn to get along


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