FACE OFF: The Results. Which member of Fifth Harmony is your inspiration – Camila or Lauren?

We’re pretty much agreed that Fifth Harmony inspire us in every aspect of our lives, and Camila and Lauren specifically have been very vocal about their political opinions lately. So on Monday we asked you who inspires you the most? Who is your role model?


You’ve been voting all week. We’ve had 3,771 votes! Here are the results.


The winner is… Lauren!


Leave a comment using the box below to let us know how Lauren has inspired you.

What do you think?

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  1. Lauren introduced me to Osho, an espiritual leader and writer who inspired me a lot and I can say that it changed everything I thought about the world, it opened my eyes. I never thought that just this random indication to a user about spiritual enlightenment on a social midia would make so much difference in my life and how it did! From there, she was teaching me how important it is to love who you are. All my life I have faced problems with self-esteem and she has spoken openly that she is normal, like all of us! She is insecure like us and sees no problem in that! Lauren besides all her fame and commitments, devotes part of her life for using her voice to educate us. She could think “screw these people, I have information and study and for me is enough”, but no! She worries about passing messages of activism, courage and education to us young people whenever possible! This woman inspires me every day to be a better human and I don’t intend to stop supporting her.

    Laísa (@LJProjectBR on twitter)

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