FACE OFF: The Results. Which is the best girlband album of 2016 – Fifth Harmony ‘7/27’ or Little Mix ‘Glory Days’?

It’s been a great year for girlbands so far with both Little Mix and Fifth Harmony representing big time on the world stage.

On Monday we asked you which of these two fierce girlband albums is your album of 2016 – Fifth Harmony’s ‘7/27’…


… or Little Mix’s ‘Glory Days’?


You guys have been voting all week and we the results are tight as anything!

The winner is…

QUIZ: Which pizza should you gorge yourself on based on your favourite girlband member? 


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Let us know why you voted ‘7/27’ as the best girlband album of 2016? Which is your fave track? Leave a comment using the box below.

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