FACE OFF: The results. Whose autobiography would you die to read – Camila or Lauren?

Christmas is almost upon us, which means that all our fave pop stars like Little Mix and Zayn are releasing autobiographies revealing their deepest darkest secrets, which we LOVE!



We got to thinking about which pop stars we’d like to see release a tell-all book and tbh, after the absolutely mad year they’ve had, Camila and Lauren are two pop stars who we’d really like to hear speak out.

So on Monday we asked you to vote for whose autobiography you would die to read. Who has more juicy goss to share? You guys have been voting all week and here are the results…

The winner is…



Make sure that you share this post so Camila will see how much we want her to write an autobiography. Also, leave a comment in the comments box explaining what you’d like her to write about in the book.

What do you think?

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