FACE OFF: Whose book are you more excited for – Little Mix or Zayn?

So many big announcements lately and one of the biggest is that Zayn and Little Mix are releasing a new books and we are BUZZING!

We can’t wait to dig deeper into Little Mix’s personal lives with their new  ‘Our World’ book coming out as soon as October 20th. We’re betting we get a new album to coincide with the release as well.


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But we also can’t wait for Zayn’s new self-titled book which is coming out around the same time on 1st November. Apparently, the new autobiography will be crammed with personal notes, drawings and photos. WE ARE BESIDE OURSELVES WITH JOY!


Of course, we’re going to buy both. No brainer there. But which one are you most looking forward to buying? Vote in the poll below and let us know your opinions in the comments box.

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