FACE OFF: Which is your fave girl power anthem – Little Mix ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ or Fifth Harmony ‘That’s My Girl’?

We love girl power! We live for girl power!


True story, bro.

For a while it seemed like there were no true girl power anthems which we could sing into our hairbrushes, but suddenly two have come along at once and our brains are exploding.


The car had it coming…

Little Mix and Fifth Harmony are two of the best girl bands we could ever hope for and their current singles ‘That’s My Girl’ and ‘Shout Out to My Ex’ are EVERYTHING!

‘SOTME’ is defiant, sassy and hella fabulous.



And if you’re looking for any proof that ‘That’s My Girl’ is a sassy empowerment jam for the ages here you go


But which one gets you fired up? Vote for your fave girl power anthem in the poll below and let us know why and how it empowers you using the comments box below.

QUIZ: Are these Fifth Harmony or Little Mix lyrics?


Vote for Fifth Harmony or Little Mix for No.1 in the MP! Top Ten


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