FACE OFF: Which member of Fifth Harmony is your inspiration – Lauren or Camila?

The 5H girls totally inspire us in every aspect of our lives.

They are our style inspiration…


They are totally friendship goals…


And by god do they ever inspire us to up our hair flip game…


But they also aren’t afraid to speak out about their political opinions. Lauren Jauregui has been very vocal about her views about the candidates for the upcoming US election and refused to back down when she was attacked about it, instead hitting back at Twitter trolls in style.

Camila Cabello has also expressed her views on Donald Trump and she even penned an inspirational essay sharing the story of her family’s immigration to the US.

It’s clear that both girls are great role models but who can you relate to more? Vote in the poll below and let us know how your fave has inspired you using the comments box below.

Vote for Mani, DJ and Lauren in the MP! Style Recap


OMG! Does this prove that Laurinah is real?


Fifth Harmony just declared war on Donald Trump in the best way possible


You’ll never guess what Spanish Harmonizers have done to honour Lauren Jauregui!


What do you think?

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