FACE OFF: Whose autobiography would you die to read – Lauren Jauregui or Camila Cabello?

Do you feel like you know Fifth Harmony inside out? Have you watched every single interview and can recall details about what the girls like to eat for breakfast?

If so, we couldn’t be more proud.



But there’s only so much you can get from a 15 minute interview. We are getting a slice of the ooey-gooey chocolate fudge cake, but not the whole damn confection.

When Little Mix and Zayn recently released their autobiographies we discovered that there was piles we didn’t know about our faves. We stared in awe at the whole different side to them that we had barely even touched upon before.

QUIZ: Are you more Little Mix or Fifth Harmony?


We need that from our Harmos. But we want each girl to release their own autobiography so we can discover even more about them.

But whose autobiography do you think would have more juicy revelations? Whose autobiography would you find more inspiring? Who do you want to know more about?

Vote in the poll below and leave a comment as to why you’re dying to read Camila or Lauren’s story.

Fifth Harmony are the cutest for defending Little Mix from haters


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