QUIZ: From sushi to Skittles, can you guess which of these condom flavours are real?

Soooo, if you’ve been on the internet today, you’ll probably have read about Durex’s new condom flavour. With a wealth of delicious flavours to choose from, you’d imagine that they’d have come up with something worthy of a Michelin star.

 But this isn’t just any old flavour, oh no. We’re not talking champagne or caviar. We’re talking AUBERGINE; or, as our American friends like to call it, eggplant. Obv.

However, it turns out that Durex’s new ‘flavour sensation’ isn’t actually as weird as it first seems.Last year, the company undertook a survey, which revealed that 84% of 16-25 year olds ‘feel more comfortable talking about sex using emojis’.

While we’re all for making talking about safe sex as easy as possible (it is, after all, something which most of us will do at some point), but we’re not entirely sure that wrapping your chap in an aubergine flavoured condom is the way forward.

Thankfully, the cheeky team behind Durex have now revealed that it was all just a stunt to get us talking about safe sex (phew).  But there are, however, still PLENTY of super weird condom flavours out there.

Reckon you’re a condom connoisseur? Take our quiz below to find out…it’s harder than you think.

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