Draco Malfoy’s lackey Goyle has gone from side kick to kick ass and we’re all flustered

You did not see this one coming at all!

We’ve said it before about Neville Longbottom and we’ll say it again today, god bless puberty.

And in this case, we think we’ll buy puberty a fruit basket because it has really pulled a metaphorical sword of Gryffindor out of the hat this time.

It’s true that half the time we can barely recognise the Harry Potter actors from what they look like now, in fact we even made a quiz about it. But this has to be the most shocking transformation of all.

Remember Draco Malfoy‘s thug mate Gregory Goyle…?

A.K.A the one who couldn’t read…

Well not only has he gotten hot, but he’s also become a friggin’ CAGEFIGHTER!


The character was played by actor Josh Herdman in the films and it looks like since the Harry Potter series ended he has taken his career in a very different direction.

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According to the Mirror, Josh trained in jujitsu for the last five years and recently won his first match as an amateur cage-fighter.

Didn’t see that coming, did you? Take a look at him now.


Well we’ll be damned. We’d let him slytherin our pants any day.

And on that note, we’ll pass the baton over to you to let us know what you think of Goyle’s transformation. Would you or would you not jump those bones? Get on the comments now.

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