COVER REVEAL: The cover of Alwyn Hamilton’s ‘Traitor to the Throne’ is to die for!

Alwyn Hamilton’s debut, ‘Rebel of the Sands’, basically made us cry with joy. Amani’s adventures totally lived up to that beautiful cover and we couldn’t imagine how book two would beat it. (Alwyn is also on Snapchat and you totes need to follow her!)


We were so, SO WRONG.

Wanna see? Oh, go on then. It’s a beaut.


The colours! The font! The pattern! The skyline! Can we have it on a wall-sized poster, please?

This is the UK and AUS cover of ‘Traitor to the Throne’ and is hitting shelves 2nd February 2017. You can pre-order it right here.

Chat with us in the comments about your book two theories!

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