Waximum Pop! Can you guess these celebrities by their terrible waxworks?

Sorry for the most terrible pun ever

We caught wind the other day that THE WORST Beyonce waxwork literally ever was spotted in Canada. It might even be the worst waxwork full stop tbh. What do you think?

Have these people seen the magnificent creature that is Beyonce Knowles?! Clearly not. To us, it looks like they’ve taken a stock waxwork, slightly darkened the skin and stuck a pretty horrible dress on it. Still, we felt inspired to bring you the latest quiz that you simply have to do. Can you tell who these ten celebrities are based on their dreadful waxworks?

(Sorry in advance for how confused you’re going to be with some people. It’s like they’ve never seen a celebrity in their life. Also, sorry if you have nightmares after this.)

Is there anyone you’d like to see a waxwork of that doesn’t have one? Let us know your thoughts and how you got on in the comments below!

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    How do any of these waxworkers still have jobs?!? Honestly, some of these are a joke I CAN’T. it’s pretty rude as well?? i’d be so offended if I were any of these celebs wowow

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