Are you a Cassandra Clare fangirl? Tell her all about it in our Christmas fan book!

Head over heels for Jace? Swooning over Will? Ready to fight alongside Emma? Yep, you’re a Cassie Clare fangirl. (We are too.)


How cool would it be to get to tell her how much her books mean to you? Well, we’re making her a fan book so that you can!

The Maximum Pop! Fan Projects website is a brand new place to organise anything and everything in a fandom. Whether you want to get 10,000 people to hold up the same sign for 1D, organise a book-lover meet up or put together a fan book for your fave – Fan Projects is just what you need.

The project for Cassandra Clare has just kicked off and we want all your fanart, messages, stories, photos and awesome Shadowhunter cosplay. Cassie is definitely going to see this book – her publishers have agreed to pass it over. How exciting is that?!


If you want to take part, head over to the fancy new Fan Projects website and sign up to take part. Don’t forget to share it – we want to give Cassie as much love as possible.


Tell us your fave Cassie book in the comments below.

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