Can you tell Ariana and this lookalike apart? Even her cousin couldn’t!

You got us lookin’ side to side…

It really says something when even your own flesh and blood can’t tell the real you from the lookalike you. This girl has got Ariana Grande’s cousin confused with how much she actually looks like our fave pop superstar.

Are you ready for this? Because you’ll be doing some serious double takes with this doppelganger… 

Meet Jacky Vazquez. The 20 year old from Virginia, USA, has not only inherited Ariana’s perf facial features…


But she even gets the hair, the expression and the vibe down to a tea. This is enough to start some wicked rumours if she’s not careful, eh? She says in an interview with Sweety High: “Achieving her signature ponytail is what makes me resemble Ariana the most. Also her makeup and poses—but the hairstyle is the most important factor.”

Here’s why you should have an issue with this New York Daily News piece about Ariana:

Is Ariana about to become the fifth Little Mix member? *gasp*

See THIS is the real Ariana:


and then THIS is Jacky:


Wut, wut? *blinks* It’s pretty insane.

We know Ariana seriously grafts, so if she ever were to want to sneak in a bit of rest she could have Jacky step in. You know, just for the odd appearance here and there. She could LITERALLY be in two places at once!

Rode on a helicopter for the first time in Myrtle Beach!! It was cool af!! 🚁

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What do you think? Is it a good enough likeness to fool people? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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