It’s our civic duty to inform you of these ridiculously hilarious Camila Cabello memes

Last week we discovered the wonderful world of relatable Fifth Harmony memes:

Did you know there’s a Lauren Jauregui meme for every occasion? 


We were shook, but there’s no-one else in the world we’d rather be shook by than Fifth Harmony.

We also discovered that not only are there hilariously relatable Lauren memes, but also Camila has her own relatable meme fan account @RelatableKCCE. We love the content from this account so we decided to show you some of the best.

  1. First of all, a brief introduction to Camila for the uninitiated.

2. Damn mums iz so sneaky. We swear they hide stuff on purpose just to be right all the time

3. Even Camila has to sneeze. She’s still perf tho.

4. Why so serious?

5. Over it.

6. Bitch, we’re too fabulous to wash dishes.

7. God we know that feeling all too well.

8. Seriously?

9. Nuff said

10. *Sipping so much tea right now*

11. Bitch, puhleeeeeease!

12. To delete or not to delete?

13. That’s a whole world of NO!

Which meme is your fave? Leave a comment with your choice below.

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