QUIZ: Who sang it: Camila Cabello or Lauren Jauregui?

Where do we begin with these beauties?! I mean, we all know that both Camila and Lauren have UH-MAZING and unique voices, are both killer songwriters, and are obvs both absolutely stunning.

We’re not jealous. At all.


But the question is, can you remember which 5H hunny sang which line in our tricky trivia quiz?  If you fancy putting your Fifth Harmony memory to the test, take the test below to see if you really are a true Camren fanatic!

Go on. Dare you.

FACE OFF: Whose tour would you rather go to – Fifth Harmony’s or Shawn Mendes’?


VOTE: Which star should be the next to do Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Wheel of Musical Impressions’?


QUIZ: Are these Fifth Harmony or Little Mix lyrics?


Let us know how you score in the comments below! Also, check out our Snapchat Directory for more updates on Camila, Lauren and the rest of the 5H girls!

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