Camila Cabello has revealed a dirty little secret and we’re shocked at her!

Lord have mercy on her soul

When Camila Cabello went quiet on social media towards the end of 2016 our hearts skipped a beat. We needed our daily Camilizer catnip. We craved her uniquely random tweets which have us constantly in awe of her general amazingness. WHAT WOULD WE DO WITH OUR LIVES WITHOUT CAMILA!?

Thankfully our panic was short lived as she returned to social media on Christmas Day with this cute AF birthday tweet for her mum which honestly makes our hearts feel like they’re going to explode.

And just like that good old Camila was back! We couldn’t be more excited to see the return of our angel.

Camila also revealed that one of her favourite moments of 2017 was being involved in the ‘Love Only Campaign’ for which she designed a t-shirt and hoodie.

“I am so inspired by what Save the Children is doing to give girls around the world a brighter future. So I wanted to support this amazing cause by designing this special #LoveOnly tee and hoodie.”

The new Fifth Harmony member is not what we expected…


QUIZ: What % Camila Cabello are you? 


She also returned to her signature kooky style of humour with this confessional tweet which shocked the world…

Uh oh, this can’t be good…


Hahaha oh Mila!

This is the third year in a row that she’s made that joke and it gets us every time.

Despite her apparent hygiene issues and the difficult end to the year, Camila still seems positive about her future. She gave us a lesson in being grateful with these words of wisdom.

And she also gave us something to get excited about for the coming year. Let’s hope she writes on 2017 and we’re sure she won’t forget to colour outside the lines.

What do you think of Camila’s return to social media? Let us know using the comments box below.

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