We’re such suckers for beautifully written books. Here are some of our faves and the quotes that made us fall in love

Laure Eve’s ‘The Graces’ is hands down one of the most beautiful books we’ve read ever, let alone just this year! For us, what really makes a book jump out as beautifully written is that one quote that we read over and over again.

so beautiful

This is what sold us on ‘The Graces’:


This quote from ‘Throne of Glass’ makes us feel all kinds of empowered. And jealous of Sarah J Maas’s supreme wordy skill, obvs.


We’d just really like to be Eleanor in this moment, okay? Okay.


This breaks our heart into millions of tiny pieces every. single. time. Ugh, so desperately sad.


Excuse us while we go and sob in the corner. Why do you always do it to us, Jandy Nelson?!


There may not be a more beautiful writer than Sylvia Plath. Even her novel sounds like poetry.


You need ‘The Graces’ in your life. Grab it right here.

What’s the most beautiful quote you’ve ever read? Let us know in the comments below.

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