Are you the next Jessica Jones? Find out what your PI name is!

“I’ve got a raging clue.”

Whether it’s solving the big case or slyly reading someone’s text messages over their shoulder, we’ve all got a bit of sleuth in us. For better, or for worse. Our investigative skills probs aren’t on par with the pros in James Patterson’s ‘Cradle and All’ but, you can’t have everything.

Wanna find out what your super fetch Private Investigator name would be? We’ve got a generator for that.

QUIZ: Will good triumph over evil? It all hangs on what YOU decide!

QUIZ – Which “impossible” thing are you?

Sleuthy McSleuth Sleuth just isn’t going to cut it, and Jessica Jones has been taken. So how about you try on one of these for size:

So what’s it to be? Tell us your new PI name in the comments below.

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