19 times Tumblr shipped Dramione 137% better than we ever could

His father will hear about this

Because anything we can do, someone on the internet can do it better. And that always applies to ships. You might THINK that you’ve got the seediest, sassiest, sweetest OTP moment but then you enter the Tumblr wormhole of non-canon fun time and realise that you could have done so much more.

Dramione is shipped so hard it might as well be a real thing now. In fact, we’re convinced it probably is. Regardless of what ‘The Cursed Child’ might have to say on the matter. Thanks to these heroes of Tumblr, we feel safe in our ship. LONG LIVE DRAMIONE!

Oh cripes. *goes weak at the knees*

It’s got something to do with how perfectly imperfect the characters are. And actually, how similar they can be too. you could easily be just as much Draco as you are Hermione (but if you want to know for sure, hey look, we’ve got a quiz for that).

They’re smart, they’re sassy, and we just cannot get enough of them:

1. Because we know Draco would probs be to the point. 

2. His father is hearing all about it…

3. Never a truer statement. If we all want to RIP then this needs to happen.

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