14 reasons why Baby Ariel is a threat to national security

Just look at the evil glint in those eyes

We ask you to please remain calm while we issue the following public warning.

We have received intelligence that a 16 year old caucasian female has been identified as a potential threat to national security.

We repeat, please do not panic.

The suspect in question goes by the name Baby Ariel. She is accused of hijacking popular social media platform, Musical.ly, and using it to brainwash 16 million Musers all over the globe. We strongly suspect that she is building a secret army to take down our beloved president elect Donald Trump whom we all greatly admire and respect.

She is to be treated with extreme caution. This girl is dangerous.

Here is why Baby Ariel is public enemy No.1:

1. She only promotes negativity

Dude, lighten up.

2. Her priorities are just all so wrong!

Doesn’t she know that the more you moan, the happier you get?

❤️ new theme

A photo posted by Baby Ariel (@babyariel) on

3. She’s not relatable at all

Food is so 2016…

4. She just doesn’t appreciate her fans one bit

So ungrateful…

5. She takes herself way too seriously

Have fun once in a while, won’t you?

6. Her Gram game is offensively beautiful

We actually have to wear sunglasses to survive the lack of shadiness.

baby 🌹

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7. She has awful taste in music.

And Halsey’s ‘Colours’ so isn’t one of the best songs in recent memory.

8. Her Musical.ly game is weak AF

Yeah, we said it.

9. She doesn’t value family at all



10. She’s a vandal

And it’s a scandal!

11. Awful fashion sense

We will not take it easy thank you very much!

my birthday is tomorrow 😍 pc: @dawn439

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12. She never goes anywhere interesting or meets anyone famous

Adam Who?


A photo posted by Baby Ariel (@babyariel) on

13. She never plays any fun games


14. She’s obsessed with Snapchat

Snapchat’s just never going to take off, OK?


On a scale from 1-10 how much does Baby Ariel make you quiver with fear? Let us know using the comments box below.

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